Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple and "Punkin" Picking

The few weeks (and day before) Evan was born, we took Peter "punkin" picking and apple picking.  I love living in an area with lots of farms with great produce.  There are a few other random fall pictures thrown in.

Groundwork Organics farm

Sitting in the fire engine driver seat

Fire safety/truck exploration

Hair cut! (showing Sonia his teeth)

Aunt Karin's version of a bath

Bring it on fall - I love the rain!

More pumpkins at Deterring Orchard

Hay maze with grandma Pam

Swimming with the pumpkins

Picking apples

He preferred to pick the rotten ones up off the ground ;o)

Belly Pictures

14 weeks
A little 9 month review....

16 weeks
22 weeks (Gretchen is 29weeks and Stacy is 19 weeks)

23 weeks

25 weeks
27 weeks
29 weeks

32 weeks

This (32wks) is when I hurt my back and my trunk was shifted to the R.  My smile is deceiving.  I couldn't do much for about 3-4weeks.

34 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks

38 weeks
*made it to my last day of work!

Just shy of 39 weeks

Welcome Evan!

Here we go - driving up to the hospital.  Thanks for parking our car mom.
Evan Jacob Clifton joined our family exactly one week ago, on 10/14/14 at 12:50pm in the afternoon.  He weighed 7lbs. 12oz, was 20in long.  We adore him.  Here are some pictures.

Just shy of 39wks

He's here!

Big feet like his brother and daddy

So alert and excited to be here
Skin to skin time - so wonderful
Peter meeting Evan for the first time

Brotherly Love

I got a milkshake and shared with Peter - it seemed to ease the shock of becoming a big brother ;o)

Leaving to go home!
The many faces of Evan

Life is so good.
My boys
Admiring Evan's socks and asking where his shoes are